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A special place for all the young bulls and heifer babes 
who visit Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch

Big Buffalo has some questions to ask you. See if you can answer them and compare your answers to his.

HOW DOES A BUFFALO PICK HIS NOSE??? Big Buffalo says "You really don't want to know!"

WHAT DOES A BUFFALO EAT??? Big Buffalo Says "Baby buffalo drink milk, but soon learn to eat grass like their mothers. It is amazing, but the only food that buffalo need is grass."

Kimmie is trying to teach this young buffalo to use a Kleenex tissue.

WHERE DOES A BUFFALO SLEEP??? Big Buffalo says, "Buffalo always like to sleep in a different place. They nap during the day where ever they happen to be. At night they do the same. BUT they like to sleep near their mother and friends.

CAN BUFFALO SWIM??? Big Buffalo says, "See for yourself. The babes are playing Lockness Monster."

WHY DO BUFFALO LOOK SHAGGY??? Big Buffalo says, "You wouldn't want to wear a heavy wool coat all summer would you? When spring gets here, we shed all the wool fur that covers most of our body. But we keep the long hair on our head, chin, legs, neck, mane, and the cape that covers our shoulders and hump."

CAN YOU USE BUFFALO WOOL??? Big Buffalo says, "We know a lady who makes BEAUTIFUL clothes for people using the wool that we no longer need. Her name is Ruth Huffman."

WHY DO BUFFALO WALLOW??? Big Buffalo says It just feels good to WALLOW! How does a buffalo wallow? They lie down on their side and kick their feet up in the air as high as they can. This throws them backwards against the hump of their back. They rock forward and then kick again. Even babies like to wallow.

HOW FAST CAN A BUFFALO RUN?? Big Buffalo says, "We can run really fast, faster than a horse. Just click your mouse on this buffalo and you will see."

Big Buffalo's people Momma says, ""Training buffalo can be very difficult. No, No, Big Buffalo! I said "SIT" !!!

HOW CAN YOU TRAIN A BUFFALO?? Big Buffalo says, "Try giving me something to eat. If that doesn't work, keep trying!! More food!!!"

WHAT IS A BUFFALO "CHIP" ? Big Buffalo says, "A "buffalo chip" is dried poop (manure). Years ago, American pioneers crossed the prairies in covered wagons heading for California and Oregon. There was no wood on the prairies for camp fires, so buffalo chips were used to make fires to cook their food. At Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch, "buffalo chips" provide fertilizer to make the grass grow. Grass feeds the buffalo and the buffalo feed the grass."

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A BUFFALO??? Big Buffalo says, "I really like being a buffalo. We spend all of our time eating, sleeping or playing. Of course, being a BIG BUFFALO BULL, I also have the job of protecting the herd. There is really not much protecting needed these days. All the girls think I am their hero anyway, and I like that too. Being a buffalo daddy is my other job, and I like that job a lot as well."

BABY BUFFALO says, "If you were a buffalo, you could come and play with us."